In this weeks wound up of the local news brrrrr it’s winter alright, big work plans are announced and local bakeries are audited.



Hard Winter

It’s been a wet and cold week in the Fethiye area yet again.

The local state weather station, located near to the Migros supermarket in Fethiye, recorded 1.2 inches of rain fell on Saturday alone.

The maximum temperature recorded was 10 degrees centigrade and the lowest 2 degrees centigrade.

That may not seem cold compared to the UK but at sea level and in Fethiye they are some of the lowest temperatures recorded for years.

Big Works Announced

It was announced this week that 3.5 million TL has been set aside to restore the amphitheatre and castle and work should start this year.

It was also announced that Fethiye will get a new prison and that the main secondary school campus will be merged.

Bakers Audited

Local council health officials and Ministry of Agriculture staff carried out a combined audit of bakeries in Fethiye this week.

They checked that bread was being baked in hygienic conditions and that the bread produced conformed to strict weight controls.

Apparently all the bakeries passed the checks.