In this weeks round up of the local news people waiting for the gas test say “enough”, burglars caught from quick acting victim, bike race dates confirmed, dopes caught and severe weather hits the area.

Dismay at Gas Test Queue

The village wing is a veteran of the infamous gas test which forms part of the visa process for cars.

All readers who have seen long queues of cars snaking across the Tuesday market place, have actually been looking at the waiting line for the gas test.

This week 30 drivers, all having spent time in the seemingly endless queue, one claimed to have been waiting for three days, went round to the Kaymakam and demanded action to speed up the process.

Apparently the Kaymakam, with attendant police and Zabita, listened to their complaints but what, if any, action he proposes to take has not yet been reported.

Burglars Caught by Quick Acting Brit

Three burglars were arrested in Ovacık this week.

A British resident returned home after a mere half an hour’s absence to discover he’d been burgled.

The Jandarma were contacted and they caught the team of three entering another house.

What’s more they had goods stolen from two other homes in their vehicle when arrested. Well done to the resident for their quick action and the Jandarma.

Bike Race Dates Confirmed

A change of dates for the annual Presidential Cycle Race has been announced.

It will now take place from 11 – 18 April, ten days or so earlier than was originally planned.

Apparently the original dates clashed with other events on the international cycling calendar, of course, we presume, Turkey went ahead and fixed the dates without consulting anyone.

Dopes Caught

Fethiye Drugs Squad also hit the local headlines this week when they searched a bus coming to Fethiye.

They stopped the bus, (they’d had a tip off) in Patlangıç, and let a sniffer dog called Çilek (Strawberry) loose in the luggage compartment.

Strawberry soon identified a sports bag which contained 1.74kg of hashish wrapped in a damp towel.

Two young Turkish men were arrested and, we hope, Strawberry got a special dinner.

Severe Weather

Friday saw heavy rain lash the area swelling rivers and flooding low lying areas.

Fethiye Times reader Hazel Hobbs sent in the picture featured above of the road that crosses the river near İbrahim Gül street in Calis swollen with water.

The sun returned on Saturday but a cold northerly wind means temperatures are barely reaching double figures. Brrrrrrrr……