A new shop selling a wide range of organic products has opened in downtown Fethiye.

To get to it walk past the Hayal Cinema, keeping the cinema on your right, turn right at the next corner by the Birlik Self-service Restaurant, and you’ll come to the shop a few yards down that street.

Owners Ahmet and Füsün Hamamcıoğlu moved to Fethiye from Ankara several years ago and initially opened the shop to sell computers, accessories and IT-related services under the name Bilnet.

They are both committed to environmental causes and an organic lifestyle, and have now decided to sell organic products and let the shop reflect their personal passions.

They already have a wide range of dried foodstuffs, cosmetics, cleaning products and even some clothes, alongside hand-made jewellery.

They plan to expand the range of goods on offer over time.

So next time you are in town why not treat yourself to a jar of something organic – and taste the difference.