Some of this was filmed in and around Fethiye in 2008 and it will be shown on TRT2 this evening at 10pm Saturday, 16th January 2010. The film lasts one hour and includes segments filmed in Antalya, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Marmaris, Didim, Kaş, Istanbul, Izmir and London.

According to the press release accompanying the film:

“This documentary looks at developments over recent years which have seen Turkey become one of the main locations where people from the west come to settle. For the first time ‘Migrating East’ (Göç Doğuya) reveals the results of the ever rising tide of people choosing to come and live in this country, which led to over 55,000 residence permits being granted to foreigners in 2009.

Why are they leaving the west, hasn’t a developed, modern lifestyle led to happiness? In the film you will see Europeans explaining how they are seeking a less stressful life, with more sunshine and a more natural lifestyle……….

Ironically Turks want to move to the west for similar reasons…….”

Neşe Karatay, the director of the film, says:

“This documentary is special because it is the first film made about Europeans migrating to Turkey. It wasn’t made on the basis of anecdotal evidence, but shows the actual people involved speaking about their experiences, good and bad.”

So even though the film is in Turkish (it’s called Göç Doğuya inTurkish) you will possibly see people you know and should be able to follow the story lines even if your knowledge of the language is limited. Don’t forget to turn on TRT2 at 22.00 on Saturday, 16th January.

Watch the trailer here.

To watch online tonight check out the link here.