In this weeks round of the local news work is well underway on mountain road, battery bins a great success, horsing around and now is the time for Noah’s pudding.

Top of the World

The Governor of Fethiye announced this week that work on block paving the 2km of road from Ovacık to the top of Babadağ is well underway.

The launch area used by paragliders will also be paved and, in this year’s tourist season, regular minibuses will go up the mountain so people that don’t want to paraglide, but want to see the view from the top, will be able to do so.

A dolmuş service up Babadağ no less. Whatever next – a cable car?

Battery Bins a Success

Meanwhile Fethiye Council announced that its used batteries collection initiative had gathered 3 tons of used batteries in 3 months.

Bins for dead batteries are available in 97 locations around the town and those in charge are very pleased at the public’s usage of this service.

Long may it continue.

Horsing Around

Now remember the old maxim ‘Don’t put the cart before the horse’ – because this week a man from Faralya did just that.

He is still using a horse and cart to get around and his horse died.

So off he went to Üzümlü to buy a new horse.

And how did he get the new horse home to Faralya?

He sat in the baggage area of his friend’s aged Kartal, with the back door up and held the horse on a rope as it trotted behind the slow moving car.

It took them a long time to get home, and no doubt amused many motorists as they passed the car apparently pulling the horse.

Noah’s Pudding

We are currently in the month of Muharrem in the Islamic calendar when it is traditional to prepare aşure.

This sweet dish is supposed to have been first made on board Noah’s ark, when food stocks were low and a bit of everything that remained was mixed together to make a sweet pudding.

It contains chick peas, beans, nuts, grains, dried fruit and is always flavoured with cinnamon.

Nowadays you can buy it ready made in jars in the supermarkets, and it does seem to be one of those ‘love it or hate it’ dishes.

To celebrate Muharrem the Youth Wing of the Ak Party in Fethiye dished out 1,000 free portions of aşure at the main mosque in Fethiye this week.