Yet another group of local students benefited from the fundraising efforts of Çalıs Carnival recently when an air conditioning unit was provided for the computer studies room at the local blind society.



The Altı Nokta Körler Derneği, (Six Point Society for the Blind) is a national group (the name Altı Nokta means six points and stems from the six raised dots on which the Braille alphabet is based).

The society receives no funding from the government and all financial support has to be raised through local fund raising and contributions.

The group who campaign to make public buildings and spaces safely accessible for people with sight loss also arrange outings for those who would not otherwise leave their homes,as well as helping with books and newspapers for the blind and helping blind and visually impaired students to gain new skills.

The local branch of the society has recently moved into an upstairs room at the old fire station in Fethiye where they are teaching blind students computer skills.

Over a period of time they have raised money for special computers with speech software but the conditions for teaching in the room were so unbearable that the local society Director Mehmet Üstün, himself blind from birth, approached Çalıs Carnival to see if they could assist with providing an air-con unit.

Members of the committee recently visited the society with FETAV Manager Dilek Dinçer to meet the students and a few weeks ago a new 18,000 BTU unit was installed at a cost of 850TL enabling the students to enjoy their lessons in comfortable conditions in both Summer and Winter.

A letter of thanks was recently received from the Director thanking both FETAV and Çalıs Carnival for their help.