A Retired war veteran was a victim of crime recently when thieves broke into his Uzumlu villa and stole irreplaceable war medals and other goods. He is so devastated by the theft that he is offering a 500TL reward for information leading to their safe recovery.

Dave Cunnington who served 22 years in the Royal Marine Commandos and 17 years in the West Midlands Police, the last 6 years as an operational firearms officer, relocated to Turkey last year following his retirement and moved to Uzumlu with his wife Rose.

On Wednesday 6 January, whilst Dave and Rose were attending a local quiz evening at a restaurant, thieves gained entry to their Cameli Road villa by forcing the iron shutters and the patio doors at the rear of the property.

Items to the value of £4,000 were stolen and these included jewellery, cash, a laptop computer and a 42” LCD television but by far the most important and the most sentimentally valuable items were Dave’s campaign medals.

Two of these medals were awarded to him for service in hostile environments, the Falklands and Northern Ireland, where many good men lost their lives.

He is so devastated by the theft that he is offering a reward of 500 TL for information leading to their safe recovery.

If you have any information please contact 0534 7773563 or e-mail turkishdave@yahoo.com.

The stolen medals are 1.General service medal (Northern Ireland) 2.South Atlantic medal (Falklands War) pictured above 3.Long service and good conduct medal (Naval) 4. Queens’s jubilee medal. The first three all have Dave’s initials and surname along with his regimental number engraved around the bottom edge. i.e: 28068 DJ Cunnington.