In this weeks round up of the local news Fethiye Council holds its first meeting of 2010, Brits top tourist visitor list again, road improvements begin again, another village is quarantined due to Rabies and a Bazaar incident.


Order, Order

Some things are the same the world over. We’re talking here about local councils, as Fethiye Council held its first monthly meeting of 2010 this week.

They had a large agenda comprising items from no less than five previous agendas, with which they had failed to deal.

However, first things first. The initial item considered was which day of the month the full council meeting should be held.

Traditionally it has always been held on the first working day of the month, but at this meeting the AK Party members proposed a change to the third working day of the month.

They lost the vote, and meetings will continue to be held on the first working day of the month.

Then the important topic of holidays was tabled, and it was agreed that no full council meeting take place in August, as has always been the case in the past.

After this they did actually get through rest of the agenda, lots of items over change of titles within the Council would seem to have featured.

Brits Top Tourist Visitor List Again

And the final figures for tourists entering Muğla during 2009 were released this week.

A total of 2 million 892 thousand 358 foreign tourists entered Muğla during the year.

Of these almost 2.5 million arrived by air at Dalaman and Bodrum airports with the remainder entering at the many sea ports dotted around the coast.

We the British head the list of nationalities represented by these figures, with 1 million 437 thousand and 57 people coming from the UK.

Unfortunately the overall figure fell short of 2008’s total for tourists by 75,016.

But not to worry as they are predicting a bumper season for 2010 with Turkey already top of the list in advanced tour company bookings.

Road Improvements Begin

At last there is evidence of implementation of new traffic measures recommended by the expensive German consultancy whose work was completed almost a year ago. The old dolphin roundabout in Çalış, which regular readers may recall was removed to facilitate the Presidential Cycle Race last year, has now been replaced with a complicated set of road dividers apparently prescribed by the German experts.

What’s more there are to be similar changes at the Muğla Makas and the Ovacık bridge (wherever that may be).

We await further improvements hopefully to alleviate traffic chaos in the town itself.

Another Village Quarantined due to Rabies

Remember a few weeks ago we reported on the village up in the yayla which is quarantined for six months since rabies was found in a cow there?

Well the Sarıceviz district in Seki is now under three months quarantine (no animals to enter or leave) after a rabid fox was caught in the district.

Why one quarantine is for six months and the other only three we do not know.

Bazaar Incident

And finally you all know the little row of small stalls selling jewellery and handicrafts that leads to the Kordon in Fethiye just beyond Carrefour?

Well, it isn’t there any more. Late in the week Fethiye Belediye Zabita employees supervised the demolition of all the stalls.

The Head of the Zabita, Halime Ok, told the press:

“The stalls were originally set up for the sale of local handicrafts only, but had turned into a small bazaar that was selling all kinds of souvenir goods, some very cheap, low, quality items, under-cutting shops in the town and some of the original stall-holders had sublet their stalls which was against the terms of their leases. All stall-holders received written notice in advance of the demolition.”