From 1 January any bank notes and coins with YTL on them are no longer legal tender. So if you can’t be bothered to queue at the Ziraat Bank why not donate them to the Carnival charity?


As you are no doubt aware, any coins/banknotes with YTL (yeni/new Turkish Lira) on them are no longer legal tender in Turkey as from 1 January 2010.


New notes and coins – Turkish Lira – came into being a year ago and the Turkish government allowed 1 year to phase out the old notes/coins.

You can still change old notes (for 10 years) and coins (for 1 year) but only at a local branch of the Turkish state bank or Ziraat Bank, but this obviously entails a special journey to do so.

If anyone has any old YTL coins and notes hanging around (maybe left over from last year’s holiday) that they cannot be bothered to queue up and exchange and wish to donate them to a good cause instead, the Çalış Carnival Committee will be very happy to take these off your hands.

They will then get them changed in bulk at the end of the year and the money will go to help disadvantaged children in the local Çalış/Fethiye area.

As from today you will be able to drop off your old and unwanted Yeni Turkish Lira notes and Yeni Kurus coins at either the Nil Bar in Çalış or at FETAV office in Fethiye (their office is in the old Belediye/court house building – their door is opposite the sarcophagus on the cultural centre side of the building). There will be collecting buckets at both locations until the end of 2010.

Also if anyone in the UK has any old currency but is not coming out in the next year or so, the carnival committee have a UK address where they can be sent (please e-mail

Check out the new Çalış Carnival website at