In this weeks round of the local news a timber thief is caught red handed, Calis Carnival Big Splash attracts press attention, Christmas deliveries made in style around Ölüdeniz, health professionals urged to report abuse cases and a high tide leads to flooding in Fethiye.

Timber Thief Caught Red Handed

Ever been tempted by those piles of neatly sawn large logs that you see by the roadside in forested areas?

Don’t be, because the Forestry Commission (Orman Bakanlığı) know exactly what wood has been cut.

Over the past two weeks 30 piles disappeared before the thief, a man called Mustafa who lives in Eldirek, was caught towing a trailer full of wood behind his taxi.

They recovered all the missing wood, removed it to their depot at Değirmenbaşı, and are prosecuting Mustafa.

Splash Attracts Press Attention

The Boxing Day Big Splash in Çalış looked a bit like the Cannes Film Festival, as Turkish journalists waving cameras behaved like paparazzi chasing the fancy dressed splashers into the sea.

Fortunately it was a lovely sunny day, lots of money was raised for the Çalış Carnival and the bars along the Kordon all did good business – not a loser in sight.

Christmas Deliveries Made in Style around Ölüdeniz

Our old friend Coşkun Karabulut, who runs the Ölüdeniz Sanat Evi, got in the Christmas spirit when he dressed up as Nasrettin Hoca and rode a donkey backwards to the local school, where his two Father Christmas helpers handed out presents to the kids.

We like the idea of mixing the Hoca, a wise fool character in Turkish folk wisdom, with Father Christmas.

However, someone should explain that you can never have TWO Father Christmases in the same place at the same time – or the little darlings might stop believing.

Health Professionals Urged to Report Domestic Abuse Cases

On a more serious note the Regional Director of Health was in town leading a seminar on domestic abuse.

Apparently one in three women in Turkey are subject to violence in the home and he was encouraging health professionals to contact police or the Jandarma in cases where they suspect abuse.

The Tide is High

At the beginning of the week the sea level rose to such a height following storms out at sea that streets and shops around the promenade were flooded.

This phenomenon was last observed twenty years ago, and all who were affected hope it won’t happen again for another twenty.