In this weeks round of the local news a village is under quarantine after one of its cows tested positive for rabies, another very wet week, Yörük Museum to be on TV, Villagers getting IT savvy and Fethiye protests against terrorists.


A village up on plateau above Fethiye called Yayla Çoban is under quarantine after one of its cows tested positive for rabies.

No animals can leave or enter the village for six months; all animals in the village have been vaccinated against rabies and a large sign has been affixed at the entrance to the village warning of the dangers.

The Turkish for rabies is ‘kuduz’ so that’s the word to look for.

One villager interviewed said “Thank God Kurban Bayram is over, or we wouldn’t have been able to sell our stock”.

The Regional Agricultural Ministry office is responsible for monitoring the village, and we wish them luck with keeping cats in place.

Wash Out Week

It was a very wet week.

The heavy rains hit Saklıkent Gorge with a vengeance sweeping away the tea house facilities.

One official was not at all phased when he said “Oh, yes, this happens from time to time” and we’re sure it will all be replaced in time for the first of 2010’s tourists.

Friday was probably the wettest day in Fethiye with very heavy rain, thunder and hail.

A mini tornado tore off the roofs of a couple of villas and partially damaged another in the Akarca Mah area of Fethiye on Friday afternoon.

Yörük Museum to be on TV

TRT’s Documentary Channel (Belgesel Kanal) were in town this week filming at the Yörük Museum in Kargı village.

The programme will be shown on 14 February 2010 as part of the ‘Yansıma’ series.

So those readers who are fans of the Museum’s hearty breakfasts be sure to get that date on your calendar.

Hash for Cash Couple Arrested

Two young Turkish men were arrested in Fethiye this week after they tried to sell hashish in bars and clubs.

Following a preliminary hearing they were remanded in custody.

Swine Flu Claims Two

Fethiye has recorded its first two deaths from swine ‘flu.

Ali Çoçuk (45) was admitted to the Esnaf Hospital on 3 December and tested positive for swine ‘flu.

He died on 13th December and, whilst doctors stated there were complications because he had a weak heart, his cause of death was registered as swine ‘flu.

The other victim Turgay Kaya (40) was transferred to hospital in Izmir as soon as the diagnosis was confirmed but he also died.

Meanwhile the campaign to vaccinate against the ‘flu is continuing.

Despite the Mayor’s announcement that he will not be vaccinated, Fethiye’s 18 local health centres have so far vaccinated 4,000 people and supplies of the vaccine are holding up.

Villagers Getting IT Savvy

Incirköy villagers are flocking to a new computer course for beginners which started recently, two evenings per week, in the village school.

There has been such a demand that a second course will soon begin.

We think all schools should be utilised this way in the evenings – and if course participants progress to learning English they can all become Fethiye Times readers!

The Nation Unites to Say NO to Terror

Following recent terrorist attacks in Turkey that have led to the death of many military personnel the nation has been out in force to demonstrate.

Fethiye held its own protest march on Saturday when, according to local reports, over 3,000 people gathered to chant slogans, wave flags and take part in the March.

Around lunchtime the public address system broadcast patriotic songs for around and hour before the march started.

The protestors left the market place and continued around the town before finishing by the Atatürk memorial.