In this weeks round up of the local news two drivers appear in court, bungling mugger gives his side of the story, Fethiye tourism on the up and it rained.

Crash Drivers Appear in Court

This week we have the latest on two stories which first appeared in the middle of September, when we wrote:

“A nasty head-on crash on the main road to Antalya earlier in the week left 1 dead and 7 injured – 6 of them members of the same family.

The accident happened when one driver lost control after hitting a patch of loose grit on the road.”

This week the drivers of both cars came up in court.

The one who lost control was travelling alone, with six people, including the man who lost his life, in the other car.

The driver who lost control has been in custody since the accident.

The other driver has been free pending trial.

The outcome of this week’s hearing was that the driver in custody was freed on 5,000TL bail, and the hearing was adjourned until a later date.

The wheels of justice may move slowly, but they do move.

Bungling Mugger Gives His Side of The Story

In the same week that we reported the above accident we also wrote about an unusual mugging:

“Drama on the streets of Fethiye as a man with a gun took a bag containing 200 thousand Lira from its owner (he was transferring the money from one bank to another when the armed robber grabbed the bag).

A ‘Stop Thief’ chase ensued and ended outside the Cultural Centre, where a reporter about to enter to attend a press conference saw the man running towards him – gun in one hand, bag in the other – and tackled him!

The whole incident was caught on security cameras, the thief was arrested, and the good Samaritan ended up in hospital as he had cut his head during the scuffle.”

This case was also in court last week and the man with gun, Hüseyin, got to tell his side of the story.

It seems he worked at the same hotel as Ramazan, the man who took the money from the bank on their employer’s behalf.

Hüseyin claimed that he and Ramazan had not been getting on well for some time with Ramazan constantly trying to putting him down in front of their boss.

Hüseyin knew that Ramazan was due to collect the money from the bank so, donning a ski mask and taking with him the pistol that only fired blanks which he just happened to have bought a year or so earlier, he waited outside the bank.

He admitted he hit Ramazan with the gun, grabbed the bag with the money and ran off towards the PTT outside of which he fired a couple of blanks to scatter the crowds – it worked.

He then ran on towards the Cultural Centre where, as we originally reported, he was tackled by a journalist and held until the police arrived, with said journalist receiving a slight wound to the head during the scuffle.

Hüseyin agreed that this account was correct but claimed his only motive was to go back to the hotel with the money, present it to his boss claiming he had foiled the robbery, and thus the boss would see that Ramazan was useless and he, Hüseyin, was the star employee.

He apologised profusely and begged for his freedom.

The case was adjourned to a later date – so keep your fingers crossed the next instalment will be reported as we are dying to hear the outcome.

Show Me the Stats

And it was announced this week that, unlike Bodrum and Marmaris where tourist numbers were down in 2009, in Fethiye there was a significant increase – the head of the local hoteliers’ association made the announcement and said 2010 should be a ‘shining season’.

If only she had given us some firm figures to report!

It’s Only Rain

After a lovely settled November the rains returned towards the end of last week and of course, because it’s rare, it makes its way into News SnippetsTM.

Local flooding occurred in some places and there was also damage to some roads caused by surface run off.

It was reported that 45mm (1.74 inches) of rain fell on Friday 4 December the worst day.

In comparison the highest day’s rainfall measured in Fethiye since 1975 took place on 2 December 1990 when 125.3mm (4.9 inches) fell.

Compare that to Marmaris where 466.3mm (18.35 inches) of rain fell on 11 December 1992 and Fethiye seems, at least based on past events, to be a dryer part of the area.