In this week’s round up of the local news martyr’s mother is rewarded, teachers’ day is celebrated, Bayram shooting and Bayram cuts leave twenty needing medical attention.

Martyr’s Mother Rewarded

The Mayor, Behçet Saatcı, presented the key of a brand new house in Çatalarık this week to Hatice Avcı, whose original home on the same site burned to the ground last April.

Hatice’s son was killed by terrorists in eastern Turkey in 1991, whilst he was doing his military service.

The fire started by an electrical fault late at night, reduced the original house to ashes, and Hatice was only saved by quick acting neighbours.

She was overjoyed to receive the key to her new home entirely financed by Fethiye Council.

Teachers’ Day

Prior to Kurban Bayram, but this year overshadowed by it, on Tuesday of last week it was Teachers’ Day a national day of celebration.

In Fethiye the main celebration took place at the Cultural Centre and women seen in the street carrying flowers that day were surely teachers bearing home gifts from their pupils.

The luckiest teachers would seem to be those employed by Çalıca School who are annually treated to a meal to which their families are also invited. This year it took place at Kale Park restaurant and a good time was had by all.

Kargı Bayram Shooting a Mystery

Another Avcı, no relation to Hatice hanım, also hit the headlines on Friday when, after visiting the mosque for early morning prayer, then going on to help with the family sacrifice, Durmuş Ali Avcı turned his hunting rifle on his sister’s husband, Ramazan Aydemir, and shot him in the stomach.

The couple, from Kargı a village near Fethiye, had only been married for a few months and the family say they were unaware of any bad feeling between Durmuş and Ramazan.

Durmuş is now in police custody while Ramazan is satisfactory in the State Hospital.

Kurban Bayram Warning Ignored

On the subject of the slaughtering of animals traditional at Kurban Bayram, apparently experts have been warning people not to let children watch the killings.

According to one source this warning was ignored in Fethiye, where children were present at the official Council slaughter sites.

But it seems the warning should have gone out to adults too; well at least those who were performing their own DIY slaughtering.

Around 20 men ended up in Casualty with wounds to hands and fingers after DIY slaughtering and butchery of their sacrifice animals.