In this week’s round up of the local Fethiye news the Babadağ road is being widened, record number of people have paraglided, stop – children, locals say ‘no’ to new Fethiye marina and the Festival of the Sacrifice starts on Friday.

Lift Off

Well it looks as though the plans for a chair lift to the top of Babadağ have gone on to the back burner once again.

Instead the road is being widened.

Work has started and next season the highly uncomfortable drive up the mountain should be cut from 45 minutes to 25.

Sky High

On the subject of paragliding another report this week revealed that the numbers of people paragliding from Babadağ increases annually with 2009 holding the record so far – a total of 34,000 people paraglided from the mountain this year.

Dirty Bay?

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce has hired experts from Muğla University to find out exactly what are the causes of pollution in Fethiye Bay.

The academics will produce a report in 2010 which will form the basis for remedial work to combat the pollution.

Training has started for the Fethiye equivalent of ‘lollipop ladies’ in the UK. Except here the local police are training older school pupils to act as crossing guards.

The first volunteers have completed their training and been issued with signs like large table tennis bats saying ‘Dur – Geç’ (Stop – Go) on opposite sides.

So keep your eyes open next time you are driving around Fethiye.

Plans for New Marina in Fethiye – Locals Say No!

And finally at a public consultation held in the Cultural Centre this week the Fethiye Council unveiled their plans to extend the existing marina to provide mooring for a further 300 yachts.

This would bring the marina down to about Cafe Geniş.

Locals who attended seemed to be against the proposal with a unanimous cry to ‘Leave our Kordon alone.’

The Festival of the Sacrifice Starts this Week

Kurban Bayrami or the Festival of the Sacrifice begins on Friday and the whole of Turkey will then enjoy a three day holiday.

The festival actually begins around midday on Thursday when many banks, public offices and the like will close to reopen again on Monday.

This is just like a bank holiday in the UK so if you are planning to travel during the holiday prepare yourself for busy roads and public transport.

If you have any urgent business to sort out make sure you get it completed before Thursday.

We’ll publish an article this week letting you know all about the holiday and what it means for Muslims.