Money raised from the 2009 Çalış Carnival has provided a local school with much needed teaching equipment.


Silkar School, located on the Günlükbası Road has over 1000 pupils aged between 6 and 14 and its wide catchment area covers some of the more needy areas of the town.


The school was desperate for a laptop computer, overhead projector and screen to enable them to use them as teaching aids for large numbers of children.

Following discussion with the school, the Carnival Committee decided to purchase the much needed equipment.

Last Wednesday members of the Committee visited the school to meet the headmaster, staff and children and to see the equipment in use.

After inspecting the equipment, and watching a slideshow taken of the pupils in the 2009 Çalış Carnival parade, the committee members visited the younger children in their classrooms and distributed pens and pencil sharpeners donated by a Çalış Carnival supporter in England.

A new printer/scanner will also be donated to the school.

This is one of many projects that are being funded from the money (24,500 TL) raised from the 2009 Carnival fundraising events.

Other projects include, the funding of 10 university bursaries, purchase of equipment for at a local nursery classroom, fitting of new double glazed windows at a village school and purchase of school uniforms for 15 children.