In this weeks round up of the local news the Mayor of Ölüdeniz receives a 15 year jail sentence, a bigger boat is planned for the popular Fethiye – Rhodes sea crossing, the nation marks respect for Atatürk, care cams online, TEMA educates kids on litter and a new public library is opened.

Courts Hand Down Sentences

The week got off to a resounding start in terms of news when the Mayor of Ölüdeniz, Keramettin Yılmaz, received a 15 year jail sentence.

The charges, involving a total of 15 defendants from the Aydın Construction Company and Ölüdeniz Council, were all related to fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

In total the 15 defendants received 98 years in prison between them, with only the owner of the construction company, Ali Aydın, receiving more than Keramettin.

The Mayor, with 3 charges, was given 15 years in jail, whilst Mr Aydın, with 5 charges, received 21 years and 3 months.

None of the defendants are in custody and were all given 7 days within which to appeal.

As he emerged from the court building, Keramettin assured waiting press of his innocence, and vowed it would be proved when his appeal was heard.

Bigger Boat Planned for Rhodes Fethiye Crossing

From January 2010 there could be a new large vessel tied up in Fethiye.

The proprietor of the Yeşil Dalyan tourist agency, Nami Üreyen, who has run the Flying Poseidon hydrofoil service to Rhodes since 2003, is trading in the hydrofoil against a fast catamaran.

This will not only carry more passengers (300 compared to 120 for the hydrofoil) but also be able to transport freight and vehicles.

At present he averages 10,000 people making the crossing annually but hopes to increase those numbers.

Plus with the addition of freight and vehicles he says “Our new catamaran will not only open up possibilities for the Turkish residents of Rhodes but also for foreign residents and visitors in Fethiye”.

The new service is scheduled to start in May 2010.

Nation Marks Respect for Atatürk

November 10th is the anniversary of the death of Atatürk in 1938 and it is marked with a 2-minute silence at 9.05am the exact time of his death, followed by the laying of wreaths and speeches at his memorial.

So if you were wondering why everything came to a standstill last Tuesday, now you know.

Care Cams

The State Hospital in Çalış has installed live web cams in its Intensive Care Unit, so relatives can watch what is going on whilst they sit in the Intensive Care Waiting Room.

Our sources say the Hospital, which has a capacity of 200 beds, is now high on the list of the best hospitals in Turkey.

TEMA Says “Keep Turkey Tidy”

The largest local environmental association, TEMA, has started going into local schools to preach the word on preserving our local environment.

Think ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ around 30 years ago and you get the message.

Let’s hope their mission works and the kids get the message about litter if nothing else.

Public Library Opened

And finally the village of Kadiköy, near Saklıkent opened its new public library paid for with the proceeds of the annual grease wrestling tournament held there.

We always knew some good come out of all the oiled grappling!