In this weeks round up of the local Fethiye and area news two bikers die, cable capers, swine flu grips the nations attention, car accident kills two, the area governor confirms key projects and the 7th International Autumn Gocek Ragatta starts this week.

Biker Blow

Early in the week two college students, Uğur Ünal (18) and Muhammet Özkan (18) were travelling home from Fethiye to Üzümlü on an unregistered motorbike when they hit a car coming towards them.

Ünal was killed instantly and Özkan was pronounced dead in the ambulance en route to hospital.

Cable Capers

Meanwhile down in the Eşen valley a company is laying cable for Türk Telekom and suffering from repeated theft of said cable.

Three people were arrested for the theft this week, and two of them turned out to be employees who laid the cable by day and then went back at night to steal it.

The aim being to strip the copper from the cable and sell it.

Police recovered a large quantity of cable and 550kg of copper all ready for sale; the three accused were remanded to Fethiye jail.

Swine Flu Grips the Nations Attention

Turkey is in the grip of swine ‘flu fever at the moment producing local headlines about the inoculation of 65 people going on pilgrimage to Mecca, the fear for four local footballers suspected of having the ‘flu (tests proved negative), and the head of local health services who was injected against swine ‘flu to encourage his staff to follow suit.

The Fethiye Hoteliers’ Federation held a seminar on swine ‘flu sending out invitations to its 500 or so members and only 26 turned up.

So at least one section of the population isn’t swine ‘flu obsessed.

Car Accident

Another accident later in the week in which a car swerved off the main road in Kargı village and turned over, left the driver aged 40 and his passenger 37 both dead.

Keep Hotels Small to Attract the ‘Right Type of Tourist’

And governor of Muğla province, Dr Ahmet Altıparmak came to Fethiye this week to open a new office charged with marketing the Eren Dağ ski resort.

In his speech after the opening he encouraged local small hoteliers when he said that the numbers of tourists coming to the area wasn’t important, it was the amount they spent that counted.

The governor believes Fethiye is taking the right approach with small boutique hotels rather than monolithic 5-star all inclusives.

He firmly believes that tourists staying in such boutique establishments, and those coming in search of locally grown organic food, spend far more than their equivalents staying in the all inclusives.

Babadag Road to Be Surfaced

The governor also announced that work would soon start on paving the road used by paragliders up Babadağ, the mountain that towers above Fethiye, and by next season a minimum of 2km of that road, together with the two launch sites on the mountain, would have been block paved.

The paving of the launch sites will come as a great relief to paragliders who have been complaining that the current launch site is dangerous because it is loose and scattered with rocks.

Gocek Bay to Get Waste Stations

Finally Dr Altıparmak announced that, in an effort to keep Göcek Bay clean, two ‘waste stations’ would be established for the start of the 2010 yachting season.

These would be in Sarsala and Arıbükü coves and yachts will be able to empty their holding tanks and get rid of all other waste free of charge.

The authorities have been concerned by the growing level of pollution in the popular sailing area that is harming aquatic life.

7th International Autumn Gocek Regatta

The sailing regatta starts on Wednesday and finishes on Friday with races around the bay of Gocek.

Fethiye Times will be taking part so make sure you call by this week for updates.