Calis, Fethiye is about to become the first place in Turkey to have a real grass bowling green thanks to the efforts of local bowling enthusiasts.

The theTree Tops Bowling Club, situated at Green Gables close to Rebin Beach Hotel in Calis, Fethiye, South West Turkey, will have two different types of bowling for members.

The first grass green to be completed will be a crown bowling Green and alongside it will be a grass 4 rink flat bowls green.

Work is already underway on the new complex and the crown green is expected to be completed by mid December or the early part of 2010.

The 4 Rink Flat Green is expected to be ready in Spring next year as it will need to settle after being prepared with the finest grass seed in Turkey.

The new club plans to offer facilities for food and refreshments and the use of a swimming pool for bowlers that may get a little overheated from time to time if their woods don’t finish where they expect them to.

If you have been a crown green bowler in the UK or a flat green bowler then the club would like to hear from you.

But the club is also looking for people who have never played but want to learn as they will have a resident UK trained and qualified coach who will give all the necessary coaching to novices.

They would also like to hear from anyone who has been involved in green maintenance in the UK to ensure it keeps the rinks in tip top condition.

The club is preparing a calendar of events and have invited a number of visiting teams from the UK next year.

If you would like to know more about this exciting new facility or would like to join the club then please contact Mike Chamberlain on (0) 535 271 3924 (Outside Turkey please add 00 90).