In this weeks round up of the local news accidents prevail but the Eren ski resort will open.

Fatal Crash

There were accidents all over the place this week.

First of all two motorbikes crashed on Atatürk Caddesi.

Yılmaz Çayır, aged 22, was riding his bike along Atatürk Caddesi when another bike, ridden by Şaban Çot , with two friends on the back, shot out of a side street and the two bikes crashed.

Yılmaz was thrown from his motorbike and died instantly of head injuries when he landed.

Şaban was seriously injured, the two friends escaped with minor injuries and police investigations are continuing.

Solo Pilots Have Worst Safety Record

A Polish paraglider crashed on the side of Babadağ early in the week, breaking his right leg and leading to local paragliding companies calling a press conference.

At the latter they pointed out that, whilst there would seem to be a steady stream of paragliding accidents on the mountain, the reality is the local companies whose pilots are very experienced, have a zero accident record for their tandem paragliding flights.

Fethiye Times has made this point before.

The representative of local paragliding companies said that foreign pilots wishing to fly solo are using fake/photocopied licences to be able to paraglide.

He called for tighter controls on foreign solo pilots……and we totally agree.

Holiday Tragedy

A young British man, Joseph Paul aged 25, went on a Jeep safari with his wife Pauline on 15th October.

They ended with a swim from a beach near Fethiye and it was clear that Joseph and his wife were in difficulties in the water.

She was picked up by fishermen but Joseph disappeared and was presumed drowned but, despite best efforts of Coast Guard and local Jandamra, his body could not be found.

Five days later a group of young fishermen found the body wedged between rocks near the sea.

A very sad ending to a holiday.

We Will Ski – Official Vows

And finally Muğla’s enterprising governor, Mr Altıparmak has vowed that the Eren Dağ Ski resort will be completed and operating during his term of office.

In pursuance of his aim he announced this week that work has now been going on on the ski lifts for the past 4 months and will be completed by the end of November.

The lifts will take 3.5minutes to raise skiers (and sightseers) some 600m (almost 2,000 feet) up the mountain, and can carry 200 people per hour.

Now all we need is to wait for the snow to fall.