It’s been a busy week in and around Fethiye and in our weekly round up of the local news we learn rover is found, MC Fest action, pledge for cable car between Hisaronu and Babadag, air games spectacular stunts and a rafting tragedy.

Rover Found

A black Rover 200 car stolen in Istanbul turned up abandoned in Fethiye this week.

Given the number of police road checks in operation on the roads at any one time we are amazed it travelled so far undetected.

MX Fest Action

On the subject of the Motocross/Heavy Metal Festival, held near Esen village over the weekend, Friday got off to a good start with around 500 people turning up to watch the rock bands play in the evening.

Apparently, as the evening wore on, alcohol took its toll and the Jandarma had to intervene in several fights, removing drunken youths from the site in some cases.

Best thing was the line-up for the all-night open air concerts with bands called Street Dogs and Rampage, amongst others, playing Friday; and the headliners from Germany, Haggard, taking the stage in the middle of Saturday night.

If you were there, please let us know how it was for you?

Pledge for Cable Car Between Hisaronu and Babadag

A busy week in the area, as not only were the Motocross fraternity partying in Esen but Ölüdeniz was hosting its 10th annual Air Games.

At the opening event on Wednesday, Mayor of Ölüdeniz, Keramettin Yilmaz, assured everyone that plans for the chair lift / cable car up Babadağ were well in hand with the construction contract having been won by a company called MELSA.

Let’s hope they build quick as the road journey up the mountain by truck is awful.

Air Games Spectacular Stunts

Of course the Air Games were hectic as ever with flights suspended due to adverse weather conditions then, when the weather cleared, multiple paragliders zooming around in the air over the beach.

A stunt pilot from Macedonia, Mendo Veljanovski, came down onto the roof of a restaurant and got a huge round of applause from spectators.

But an even bigger ovation happened when Turkish SAS commando, Namik Ekin, abandoned his parachute when he was around 120ft above the sea and dove into the water.

Ekin is claiming this has never before been done from such a height over the sea.

The Turkish Stars, (local equivalent of Red Arrows in UK) rounded off the week with practise runs over Fethiye and district, and performed on the final day.

Rafting Tragedy

Meanwhile Martin Farquhar, aged 35, and his partner Mary from Aberdeen, had a lucky escape this week when they went white water rafting on the Dalaman River.

The 8-person raft overturned and, whilst Martin was thrown clear, Mary was trapped beneath the raft.

Eventually she was pulled out only to see the body of a Welsh friend floating by covered in blood.

He had died in the incident.

The Foreign Office confirmed he was the only fatality and no-one else was seriously injured although the other 7 passengers were, understandably, shocked and shaken.

They have all received counselling and are continuing with their holidays in Turkey.