In this week’s round up of the local news winter adult courses begin, taxi driver digs own grave, grand plans for Kaya Koy Ghosts Village, apple turnover and latest tourism numbers.

Life Long Learning

In the UK this is the time of year when you sign up for evening classes – and it’s no different here (though your course could run during the day).

Turkey has a network of Adult Learning Centres (Halk Eğitim Merkezi) which offer courses across a range of subjects.

These include lots of creative opportunities such as jewellery making, painting, soft furnishings, dressmaking and so on.

In and around Fethiye courses are held at the Halk Eğitim Merkezi (at the back of the Museum) at the Fethiye Cultural Centre (on the Kordon at the back of the Post Office) and in Ovacık at the Sanat Evi where they offer Turkish for foreigners as well. 

Courses at the Halk Eğitim Merkezi are due to start on Monday, 12th October (although you can join later), other centres won’t be far behind and all courses are cheap – so why not sign up for a course and we guarantee your Turkish will improve alongside whatever you are learning?

Taxi Driver Digs Own Grave

Now here’s a weird one.  A local taxi driver who also carves headstones part-time, has not only bought his plot in the cemetery, but he has built his grave and even been photographed lying in it to check the size was right! 

The man, Öner Bakan, aged 48, has made it deep enough for two – his wife will also be buried there. 

We can totally relate to his wanting to be prepared and save his children expense later, but we aren’t so sure about the getting in to test for size. 

However, the press coverage could work wonders for his headstone business.

Kaya Koy Ghost Village Could be Miniature Turkey

The Regional Council in Muğla this week voted in favour of a project submitted by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry to restore the old Kayaköy village stone houses and other buildings. 

Not before time we hear you cry – but this will be a restoration with a definite difference.

The village will be divided between the 81 provinces in Turkey (each province should receive 10 – 15 houses they say) and the individual provinces will be responsible for restoring ‘their’ houses and then using them to exhibit what life is like in the province involved. 

When it is finished it will be like a ‘miniature Turkey’.

It’s a great idea but we wonder who will get the churches? 

Apple Turnover

And the apple growers of Seki are in despair over low prices. 

One grower told the press this week: “Last year we got 70 kuruş per kilo, this year it’s down to 40 kuruş.”

And we think prices in the market are cheap!

Tourism Figures

The tourism figures for the nine months to the end of September were announced and are down on last year. 

Last year 2.66 million tourists entered Muğla up to the end of September, whereas this year there have been a mere 2.59 million. 

However, we Brits topped the list of nationalities coming to this area accounting for 1.28 million of the total with Germans, Dutch, Russians and Belgians occupying the other places in the top five. 

Also the figures for tourists in September alone were up on last year. 

In 2008 some 497 thousand people came in September, this year it was up to 503k.