In this weeks round up of the local news the schools start the new academic year, tour company cleans up, hunting tragedy, holiday tragedy, Fethiye should be safe from a Tsunami and BBC Watchdog Gets To The Bottom of Local Hotel Illness Woes.

Pupil Power

When the schools re-opened on Thursday, after one the longest summer breaks for years, no less than 35,000 pupils turned up for classes across Fethiye.

The figure for the number of teachers involved was not published.

Tour Company Cleans Up

Foreign tourist reps did a major cleanup on the Kayaköy to Hisaronu road this week.

They filled bin bags with rubbish picked up from the sides of the road and, in just over an hour, filled three pickup trucks supplied by Ölüdeniz Belediye.

The Turkish organiser of the cleanup praised the work, and added that the bulk of the rubbish was plastic water bottles.

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Holiday Hunting Mystery

Two 17-year old young men from Zorlar village took advantage of the holiday last week to go hunting.

They set out early, telling families they would be back by nightfall.

When it got dark and they hadn’t returned, and calls to mobile phones were unanswered, the families and their neighbours started searching.

Some hours later the body of one youth, shot in the head, was found, with his gun by his side.

His companion’s gun was found 200m away but there was no sign of its owner, who is still missing.

Holiday Tragedy

And another tragic event during the Bayram occurred in Kumluova when 23-year-old Arzu Menteş went to wish her father ‘Happy Bayram’.

Six months ago Arzu had eloped and married a man from Fethiye, of whom her family did not approve.

Relatives had intervened and persuaded the family to accept their new son-in-law and, around six weeks ago, it seemed everything was agreed and all concerned relaxed.

Then Arzu turned up to see her father during the Bayram and he shot her twice, before turning his hunting rifle on himself and committing suicide.

Arzu died in the ambulance en route to hospital.

Fethiye Safe from a Tsunami

Finally the good news.  An EU project to research the possible danger to EU countries if the Mediterranean ever experienced a tsunami has included Turkey in its work.

Late this week it announced that, if a tsunami were to occur in the region, Fethiye would be protected by the 12 islands.

So they have another use apart from providing an anchorage for day boats!

BBC Watchdog Gets To The Bottom of Local Hotel Illness Woes

The BBC TV consumer programme Watchdog slammed The First Choice run Holiday Village in Sarigerme, near Dalaman, Turkey last week for poor hygiene standards that have allegedly led to thousands of tourists falling ill over the last few years.

In the style of her other TV programme ‘The Weakest Link”, Anne Robinson subjected First Choice spokesman Christian Cull to a barrage of accusations.

Despite the grilling the spokesman agreed to Anne’s offer to send out to Turkey the BBC programmes team of specialists to ‘get to the bottom’ (Did the BBC intend this pun?) of the hygiene issues that have led to allegedly more than 1,600 people falling ill this year. The hotel hosts 38,000 guests every season.

We looked at the blog entries posted in response to the programme to see what people thoughts were and their comments make interesting reading and certainly introduce a balance to the argument missing from the TV reports – many seeing poor hygiene of the actual holiday makers as being the root of the problem, especially at open buffets and in the pools.

You can read the comments and full story here, and if you are in the UK, you can watch the extract from the show there too.