In this weeks round up of the local news:

  • BBQ ban on environmental grounds;
  • Tomb raiders fined;
  • Coach crash injures 39;
  • Recycling backlog and;
  • The big football vandalism bill.



We recently wrote about certain bays and part of Yassica Island now being forbidden to day boats, but we now learn that the environmental concerns which have banned anchoring in these areas, have also banned the boats from cooking barbecue lunches.

As British and US tourists were quoted as saying:

“What is environmentally wrong about a barbecue?  We don’t want a sandwich for lunch we want a hot, barbecued lunch as was always served on these boats.”

Tomb Raiders

Apparently some residents of Babataş have been using ancient Lycian tombs for storage.

They were warned by letter at the beginning of the tourist season that they must empty the tombs and not use them again.

Some of them took out all the stuff they had stored in time for an inspection to take place – then they put it all back again.

Thought they were being clever, but the Belediye is now fining them.

Coach Crash

A bus ferrying Czech tourist from Denizli to Alanya came a cropper near Korkuteli when it turned on its side (no explanation for the cause was given) injuring 39 tourists, two drivers and a guide.

Only one person was seriously injured and he was taken to Antalya Hospital by helicopter whilst the rest were treated for minor injuries in Korkuteli State Hospital.

Recycling Backlog

Have you been wondering why your recycling bin hasn’t been emptied for the last few weeks?

Well the Belediye have changed the contractors responsible for collection and recycling and are waiting for the new company to start.

Normal service should be resumed in the next few days.

Football Vandalism Bill

And the bill for last Sunday’s football vandalism was announced this week by the Mayor of Fethiye, who said damage to billboards and bus shelters, together with cost of replacing blocks torn up from roads and pavements would amount to 100,000 Turkish Lira.

A further 50k would be needed to pay for broken windows in cars and buildings and the damage sustained by 5 large coaches.

He had not yet acquired a cost for repairs to the football stadium where fans ripped off and burnt seats, and wrecked the toilets.

Seven policemen and 20 members of the public were injured in the fighting before and after the Fethiye Spor –v- Göztepe match.

Six arrests were made but all were released from police custody, without charge, after questioning.

See our articles below for the full story of last weeks incidents.

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