The football match between Fethiyespor and Izmir football team Goztepe was marred by violence on Sunday. But in our latest update the fighting followed the team as they headed home.

The Goztepe players and their entourage were placed on a bus which left Fethiye. 

However, Fethiye supporters chased the bus on motorbikes and scooters and, between Kargı and Yanıklar, an iron bar was thrown through one of the windows of the bus. 

[inset side=right]I have worked in football for 30 years and never experienced anything like this [Goztepe spokesman][/inset]The bus stopped and other windows were broken with stones and pieces of metal before the Jandarma reached the scene and, once again, fired shots into the air. 

Three men on the bus were injured by flying glass: a trainer, a masseur and a member of the Club’s management team. 

Eventually a replacement bus arrived and everyone got on board. 

The injured got off at Muğla for hospital treatment.

A member of Goztepe’s management team told the press that the police presence during and after the match was ineffective. 

He said,

“I was told there were only 135 police and 40 jandarma at the match which, given the incidents that had taken place beforehand, seems inadequate to me.” 

He went on,

“They insisted we leave as soon as the match came to an end, with our players still in their strip and covered in sweat.  We would have been happy to wait for 2-3 hours while all the supporters went home and then we could have left in safety.  I have worked in football for 30 years and never experienced anything like this.  It will be interesting to see what official action the League decides to take.”