The peace and quiet of Fethiye was broken yesterday when a group of visiting football fans from Izmir clashed with police and Fethiyespor fans.


Before the match between Fethiyespor and Goztepe even got underway, fans of the rival teams were battling it out on the streets.

The first scuffle broke out at around 18:30 along the 22 metre (Migros) road near to the Yapi Kredi Bank/Garanti Bank when Göztepe fans were throwing rocks to break the windows of cars and businesses.

That prompted local police to fire their guns into the air to disperse the group.

Meanwhile a group of Fethiye fans attacked a lone Göztepe fan who was then taken to hospital.

Later fans ouside the stadium clashed with police (See video box).

The crowd threw stones and bottles injuring 4 officers and many fans.

Police used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Additional security staff were drafted in from the Jandarma and Mugla to support the local police.

The match started at 20:30 and ended in a nil-nil draw.

After the match Goztepe supporters ripped up seats in the stadium and set fire to them leaving a smoke haze hanging above the floodlit sky.

Seats were also thrown at the Police.

Scuffles continued as the visiting fans left to board their coaches for the five hour journey back to Izmir.

The convoy of 15 coaches was eventually escorted from the town by the police.

Trouble flared again between Kargi and Yaniklar. More on that later today.

A survey of the area on Monday morning shows that damage to private property around the stadium was limited but the remnants of the previous nights trouble could be seen in the stadium (pictured above) and on the Tuesday market site where some stones and broken glass still lay.

Fethiyespor play Goztepe away in Izmir on 8 November and it will be interesting to see if it will be a grudge match for the fans.