In our round up of the weekly news:

  • Gulet Burns off Oludeniz then sinks;
  • Hunt for Missing Walker Called Off;
  • Burglars Caught Red Handed;
  • Car Breaker Jailed;
  • Football Fans Misbehave.




Up in Flames – Gulet Burns

A dramatic sight was seen in the sea off Oludeniz beach early in the week when the 19.5 metre wooden boat called Zafer Bey went up in flames and sank.

The boat, registered in Marmaris, was en route to Kemer near Antalya to pick up passengers for a cruise, and had full fuel tanks.

Apparently the fire broke out in the engine room and, despite best efforts from the captain and one sailor on board at the time, quickly spread to all parts of the boat.

The two men jumped into the sea and were rescued by the Coast Guard.

The boat burned and sank.


Hunt for Missing Walker Called Off

Still no news of John Kirkham, the 68-year-old from Fleetwood who went missing on a walk along part of the Lycian Way on Monday, 10th August.

His wife, Sandra, has now returned to UK to put together a team of experts whom she will bring out to continue the search.


Burglars Caught Red Handed

Two burglars were caught leaving a British-owned villa that they had broken into in Ölüdeniz.

Following a spate of burglaries in the area the Jandarma had increased their patrols and it paid off when they nabbed the pair.

Fethiye police are now also involved in the investigation, in the hope the two will prove to have been also responsible for burglaries in Fethiye and district.


Car Breaker Jailed

On the subject of theft a man who was buying stolen cars and breaking them down to re-sell the parts was sentenced to jail this week.

So cars could be a bit safer now as well as the contents of foreign-owned villas.


Breaking News

Fethiye Spor was due to play a match against Göztepe an Izmir football team on Sunday and, before the match even got underway, fans of the rival teams were battling it out on the streets.

Apparently Göztepe fans were throwing rocks to break the windows of cars and businesses at around 18:30 along the 22 metre (Migros) road near to the Yapi Kredi Bank/Garanti Bank.

That prompted local police to fire their guns into the air to stop them.

Traffic was prevented from using the busy main road until the disturbance was cleared.

Meanwhile a group of Fethiye fans attacked a lone Göztepe fan who was then taken to hospital.

Later fans ouside the stadium clashed with police.

The crowd threw stones and bottles injuring 4 officers and many fans.

Police used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

The match started at 20:30.

We’ll be publishing the home fixtures for Fethiyespor in our What’s On Guide over the next few months so you know when to go along (or avoid the matches).