We’ve had more than just a makeover as we explain in our guide to the new look Fethiye Times.

Fethiye Times was, we think you’ll agree, looking a bit out dated, so we decided it was time to give the site a bit of a make over.

The front page is now not only your window on what’s new on Fethiye Times but also what’s popular, useful and of interest elsewhere on the site. We’ve also included links to popular external sources such as the BBC, Hurriyet Daily News and Todays’ Zaman so you can keep up to date with minimal clicks.

We’ve now made our address www.fethiyetimes.com so make sure you update any browser bookmarks with the new address. 

Some of the key features of the new site include:

[list class=special-7][li]Rich design and bigger pictures.[/li][li]No registration required – No need for yet more log on details to be supplied, all our content is free from registration requirements.[/li][li]Easy search function – Can’t find what you want from the menus? Then just type your keywords into the search function for a full list of what’s on the site matching your criteria.[/li][li]Text Size Adjustable – No more squinting at small text. On the very top right of the site you can adjust the text size for all pages.[/li][li]Front page boxes, for example, Useful Guides and What’s On can be moved or minimised depending on your display wishes.[/li][li]Smart address – Our web addresses are now less complicated and reflect the title of the article.[/li][li]Bookmarking and linking – Now you can link any of our articles via your favourite social networking pages such as Facebook by clicking on the relevant icon at the end of each article.[/li][li]Weather – You can change the location of the weather forecast to anywhere in the world by just clicking on the name and typing in the location.[/li][li]Exchange Rate – Just choose your currency and click on the ‘convert’ button to find out the latest rates.[/li][/list]

We’ve brought over all our previous material from the old site so you can still call up your favourite guides and information.

However, please note that the pictures and files from old articles have not been carried over to free up space, but we will be updating popular articles soon.
[span class=alert]If you can’t use some of the functions on the site please make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed and ‘Javascript’ enabled.[/span]
We hope you enjoy the site and if you have any requests or find any bugs please let us know at our usual email address fethiyetimes@gmail.com