Health staff are checking arriving passengers at Dalaman Airport for flu symptoms.

Health staff are checking passengers arriving in Turkey for flu symptoms in an effort to stem the flow of the so called ‘Swine Flu’.

The team use heat sensitive cameras to identify people who may be suffering from the flu arriving on flights.

But don’t worry it isn’t like the normal security checks on your way onto a flight.

You just pass by a camera at walking pace. In fact many people will be unaware that they are being screened at all after a long flight.

On a Thomas Cook flight last week passengers were required to complete a brief health questionnaire.

The questionnaire asks if the passenger has any flu like symptoms and, if they have, to make themselves known to the flight crew.

The form carries a stern warning that people who have the flu but who do not declare their symptoms could be prosecuted under Turkish law.

So, if you are planning to visit Turkey this summer and are showing flu like symptoms make sure you visit your GP.

The last thing you would want is to be whisked off to spend your holiday in quarantine.