Fethiye has had six days without any real sunshine and we’re not used to it.

It’s unusual for us to complain about a lack of sunshine in Fethiye but that’s what we are doing right now.

Normally we are blessed with a great climate in south west Turkey during the winter with long spells of sunny weather punctuated by a day or two of cloudy or wet and windy weather.

But the last six days have been a bit of a strain for sun lovers.

The culprits have been weather front after weather front pushing in from the West bringing wind, rain and cloudy grey skies and little sunshine.

It’s not just western Turkey that’s suffering dull weather though. Most of Europe is in the grip of a wet spell too and parts of the UK are under threat of snow as a north wind blows down the east coast.

According to local weather forecasts the current dull spell will continue today and tomorrow with yet more rain and grey skies but Tuesday looks to be brighter. Hurrah!