Heavy rain continued to fall through most of Monday bringing damp misery to some but a bounty to others. WARNING – More rain and strong winds are forecast for Tuesday.

The heavy rain that fell over the weekend continued through most of Monday and into the evening.

Many residents of Fethiye were awoken during Sunday night by a huge thunderstorm and very heavy rain.

Those same residents were then woken again at 7am on Monday morning by a hail storm that pounded the area with hard ice crystals.
Thunder and heavy showers continued throughout the day leading to localised flooding.

The village wing of www.fethiyetimes.com found on Monday morning that a flood had swept through their garden over night.

This flood fortunately didn’t bring with it any property damage but a bounty consisting of a large pile of oranges.

It seems  a large volume of water that passed through a neighbouring orange grove had picked up all the wind falls stacking them in a nice pile ready for bagging and juicing.

However, others have suffered from damaging flooding as culverts and rivers over-flowed into their properties.

Some roads in Fethiye, Hisarnou, Ovacik and Oludeniz have turned into temporary rivers as large volumes of water find the path of least resistence. Damage has occurred and some roads have been washed away.

Ovacik residents have been up in arms as one road in the village turned into a river blaming the local authority for not installing the correct drainage.

The sea around Oludeniz has turned red as flood waters made their way down the hill and into the sea.

The heavy rain is forecast to continue into Tuesday before clearing on Wednesday.


On Tuesday afternoon/evening the rain along with very strong winds are forecast to hit the area.

It might therefore be worth recharging torches, locating the candles and getting another source of heating just in case powerlines come down or break and leave us without electricity.

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