The relocation of the Fethiye boatyard is one step nearer to Yaniklar.

For some time there have been efforts made to move the boatyard in Fethiye to another location, and thus free up prime development land at the top end of the Bay.  Yaniklar beach was one of several suggested locations for the boatyard and, following a report from the Turkish ‘Special Environmental Preservation Association’ Yaniklar is now the favoured site.  The mayor and residents of Yaniklar don’t want the boatyard stating it will pollute what is currently one of Fethiye’s cleanest beaches, where loggerhead turtles still breed in large numbers, there is a lake, Akgol which is home to migratory birds, and the centre for disabled children, the Starfish Centre, is located.

Whilst detailed mapping of the area is now taking place before the final decision is made, it does seem that Yaniklar beach will be shortly become Fethiye’s boatyard.