Two released from Fethiye prison.

Two female members of the French family involved in the bizarre death of their Moroccan captain during a yacht blue-cruise from Fethiye have been released from prison in Fethiye on 10,000YTL per person bail with a restriction order preventing them from leaving Turkey.

The bailed female members of the family, Marineno Bassaro (55) and Sylivia Bassaro (25) had to leave behind in prison David Bassaro (25), the son of the family, who’s situation continues to be under investigation by police. The father of the family Max Bassaro (60) is still recovering from a wound to the stomach sustained when the family struggled with the knife wielding Moroccan captain of their yacht ‘Latetia Blanda’ after an incident involving a lost inflatable boat that was blamed on the captain.

According to reports the Moroccan captain tried to hi-jack the yacht and sail it to Rhodes but the family overpowered him and locked him below decks. On arrival back in Fethiye police searched the yacht and found the captain dead. Police are continuing their investigation.