If so a UK TV production company wants to hear from you.

Fethiye Times has been contacted by a UK TV production company, Electric Sky Productions, who are making a series of documentaries about tourist scams. They are focussing on clever, elaborate, sophisticated scams which unsuspecting tourists can easily fall prey to. Usually they have a psychological aspect to them. They are filming all over the world and scams they have covered already include ID theft in the States, a gem stones scam in Bangkok and a card game scam in Malaysia. They want to highlight these scams so that future travellers and tourists will be less likely to fall foul of them.

But what about Turkey? Have you been a victim of a scam, con or fiddle in the country? If so Kyra, the assistant producer, would love to hear from you. The full contact details for Kyra are below:

Kyra Beguiristain
Associate Producer
Electric Sky Productions
1 Clifton Mews
Clifton Hill

T: +44 (0) 1273 224 251

Email: kyra.b@electricsky.com
Web Site: www.electricsky.com