Gigolo service is the last straw for British residents who see Marmaris going sour as a holiday destination.

A majority of the British residents in Marmaris have started a campaign with the slogan ‘Justice for the English in Turkey’ and are asking holidaymakers to boycott Marmaris this year.  According to local sources the campaign started when residents received leaflets advertising a gigolo service.  For the 5000-plus foreign residents of Marmaris this was the last straw.  They point out that tourist numbers are falling and still the locals can’t seem to understand that actions like this can only have a further negative effect on visitor numbers.  They issued the following statement:

“Tourists and foreign residents are already being overcharged for some goods and services.  In hundreds of restaurants waiters appear to make their real living as gigolos.  These individuals con thousands of pounds from British women every year.  They also extract thousands of pounds with false promises of partnerships in restaurants or the sale of businesses.  We heard of an English woman who lost 300 thousand pounds.  Locals who send tourists to ‘their friend the jeweller’ and give directions to the shop, later take commission for this service.  Tourists who rent cars pay more than Turkish people.  Local agents ask English tourists for as much as three times the normal rent for properties, and they get it.  Turks may rent monthly, the English are asked to pay annually in a lump sum.  Men outside restaurants try to literally pull customers through the doors.  Sometimes they do this by starting with an apparently friendly handshake.  The tourist who responds by shaking the hand then finds him/herself pulled into the restaurant.  Many places offer to change money at less than the bank rate, keeping the difference for themselves.”

The ‘gigolo leaflets’ gave the names, mobile phone numbers and details of restaurants in which participating ‘gigolos’ worked.  The leaflets, in English, said “Full gigolo service available for rich women.  Send your wives and daughters for the full service.”  The leaflet also stated that “credit card payment is acceptable”.