Will you be arriving at or departing from Dalaman Airport soon? Do you have friends who are coming to visit? If so, read on…..

Dalaman Airport security is currently refusing entry to the airport by unlicenced transfer vehicles including company registered cars and hire cars.  The current local measures were introduced following a campaign by the resident airport taxi co-operative to rid the airport of ‘cowboy’ transfer companies. The crackdown is only taking place at Dalaman Airport. Bodrum, Izmir and Antalya airport are unaffected.

But what initially began as a blitz to rid the airport of the cowboys has now turned into a full scale assult on anyone or any vehicle which is not suitably registered or which the authorities suspect may be carrying out a private transfer being refused entry.

The crackdown has seen some departing passengers being stranded at the airport gates as their vehicle has been refused entry to the airport. Arriving passengers, unaware of the situation, have been left stranded and forced to use the on airport taxi service (now you see why the campaign is paying off!). Even out of town taxis, which are legally allowed to drop off at the airport, are being subject to tighter scrutiny and being forced to deposit their papers with the airport authorities to ensure they don’t pick up any paying customers whilst at the airport. Legitimate transfer companies and rent-a-car companies are also being affected by the crackdown even though they have suitable licences.

The big tour company operators are unaffected by the restrictions so if you have booked a package with one of the big operators you should be unaffected. However, people staying with independent hotels or those renting villas should check with their transfer company before departing to clarify the latest position and confirm they will be picked up.

If you are stranded make sure you have enough cash to pay for a taxi ride to your resort and also take detailed directions if you haven’t visited your destination before as your taxi driver is unlikely to have the local ‘knowledge’! One way fares range from £50 to Fethiye to £120 to Kalkan. We will publish a guide in the next few days of alternative ways to get to/from the airport.

So what about private cars? What if you are due to pick up visiting friends and relatives from the airport this season? Well the latest information is that you should be OK if you don’t make the trip too regularly and aren’t recognised by the gate staff. Don’t forget to always carry your driving licence (both parts if a UK licence), passport and your car papers and always answer the security staff questions honestly. So if you are going to pick up your mum and dad, say so, in your best of British accent of course! However, if you are refused entry please let us know.