Better late that never, the new bus station opens?

Although the shopping mall frontage of the new bus station (being built on the site of the old bus station) is far from complete, as of Friday 29 June the buses are using the new site.

So if you are catching a bus or going to meet someone coming to Fethiye on a bus, go to the new site.  Fethiye Times recalls early this year when construction started that the whole project was due for completion in May.  By getting the buses back in on the penultimate day of June, we presume the builders are claiming they were only a month late.  But, despite questioning people on site on June 30th, no-one would commit themselves to a finish date for the shopping mall. 

Last summer we waited for the new terminal at Dalaman Airport and then the Gocek Tunnel to open – both late.  This year it’s the bus station, and Fethiye Times does wonder if any construction work here ever gets done on time?  Why do they always build these large infrastructure projects in the tourist season?  Isn’t there a ban on such building in the summer months?  We aren’t seriously expecting any answers to these questions – just floating them as part of the great paradox of life in Turkey.