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TLOS Property sponsorship for FIG – buy or sell a property and help local children

Last year, Fethiye International Group (FIG) entered into a sponsorship contract with TLOS Property (TLOS Emlak), a well-known estate agent in Fethiye, specialising in residential and commercial property and real estate sales in the area.

TLOS Property agreed with FIG that, where FIG organises the first contact between TLOS Property and a customer (either buyer or seller) and the customer declares himself or herself to be a supporter of FIG, TLOS Property will donate one-third of their commission to FIG.

How do you take part in the scheme?

If you are buying as selling a property and would like to take part in this scheme you will need to:

Email figcharmain@gmail.com to register as a prospective buyer or seller. Please include your contact details.

Your email will then be sent to TLOS Property where you will be listed as a potential buyer or seller taking part in the scheme. You will receive an email confirmation.

Contact TLOS Property to arrange viewings or to sell your property, stating that you have registered with the FIG scheme. Proceed with purchase or sale as per the normal process.

Once a property has been purchased or sold, TLOS Property will make a donation of one-third of their commission into the nominated FIG bank account.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please call FIG on +90 (0)535 494 7506.

This scheme is not applicable to properties already listed with TLOS Property.