What’s the latest on this much talked about project?

For well over 3 years we’ve been reading and hearing about a proposed new ski resort that will be built in the mountains above Seki near Fethiye. But up until now we’ve seen little evidence to suggest the project is actually taking place.

It was a little over 3 years ago when the local printed press in Fethiye drew our attention to the project. “NEW SKI RESORT WILL MAKE FETHIYE AN ALL YEAR ROUND RESORT” was the headline (or something like that). There was much talk of the investment that would take place and that this new centre would rival those in Antalya and also the centre near Istanbul.

The estate agents got on the case next indicating to potential property buyers that the new centre would improve ‘investment’ potential of the area. We even saw an organized trip for potential foreign investors to get a bit of the action by buying property near the centre. Things must be happening we thought.

Further stories followed but not one of the stories actually included a photograph of the development. Was this project like the ‘emperors new clothes’ we thought?

So it was some two years ago when we jumped in our car and headed for Seki to try and locate the site of the ‘new’ resort. We quizzed the locals, asked farmers and used our natural homing skills to try and locate the place. After hours of wrong turns and duff information we returned from the endless dirt tracks empty handed and empty hearted. We couldn’t find the place!

Late this summer, following more rumours of the ‘imminent completion’, we thought we would try and get the latest news. So, as we passed through Seki ,on our way somewhere else, we stopped for a cup of tea. We quizzed the local restaurant owner for the latest news on the ski resort. His reply was as we expected ‘it won’t open for at least a year’ he said. Has much been built we asked, ‘No, not really’. So again we left Seki without a picture.

{mosimage}And so we get to this week. I was talking to a friend who regularly drives over to Antalya and he said ‘have you seen the new sign for the Seki ski resort?’ No, we hadn’t. ‘Well I have a photo, do you want it?’ Great we thought here is the first evidence that we have seen to show that at least something is happening. Of course the sign is in Turkish so very few foreign tourists will make the link, but at least the locals now know the way to go.

So, if you are up in the hills above Seki and catch sight of the new ski resort please send us a picture. We’d love to be able to confirm the existence of the fabled resort.