Foreign people who own properties need to wake up to the realities of what is happening in Uzumlu.

Foreign people who own properties in the Uzumlu area need to wake up to the realities of what is happening with the proposed cement works. But it’s not only people in Uzumlu that need to be concerned but also those living or owning property in Fethiye, Calis, Ovacik – in fact anyone within a 40km radius of Uzumlu. Why? Read on……

There is a Turkish law that states that no industrial unit that emits smoke, dust etc can be built within 3 kms of olive groves and after we protested, we managed to get a second CED report done that proved without doubt that there are at least 4 olive groves within that area. This should have stopped Urantas in their tracks but today we have learned that the 2nd CED report has not gone to Ankara and the Environment Ministry in Ankara have issued permission for the factory to proceed. It clearly shows that money and contacts are still in force in the country.

Only last week the Turkish Prime Minister was quoted as saying that corruption had been eradicated in Turkey? Not so we say, and this clearly shows that the statement was false.

We need all concerned residents to contact British newspapers, TV, The British Embassy in Ankara demanding that laws are followed.

You may think it will not affect you, but it will. You will be seeing huge increases in dust, mercury & dioxin emissions which will affect your health as well as the investment you have in your homes in the area.

Please do not leave it to others to try and fight. We need everyone fighting and showing that the foreigners who have made the Fethiye area rich have a right to protect their health and investments.

The fight is still being fought by our Turkish committee but they need us to get off our comfy chairs and start shouting louder that we will be listened to. A victor is still possible so if you know people with newspaper or TV contacts please get in touch. If you are prepared to send a letter off to different organisations I will willingly write a letter you can send on.

Please stop the attitude that it will not affect you and support us in any way you can.


Many thanks
Fiona Robson
Chair Uzumlu Ex-pats