A recent victory provides hope but the war isn’t over yet to save this area from the pollution of a new cement works.

The fight to save Uzumlu, a small Turkish village 20km outside Fethiye, from the pollution of a new cement factory took a step closer this week when it was announced that the construction of lime kilns had been refused.

The local area governor has issued orders to the local security services and local council to monitor and halt any illegal construction work that may take place on the site.

The lime kilns are a key part of the infrastructure needed to make cement so this refusal is a great victory.

However, the case against the main cement works is still in progress and a ruling should be forthcoming very soon.

The legal costs of fighting the case are around 30,000 YTL – the lime kiln court action cost 6,500 YTL alone.

British expat residents living in Uzumlu are keen supporters of the protest and have been providing financial support. A book and DVD sale was held last Wednesday night in the small village and raised another 220 YTL to add to the fighting funds. (See photo)

But with the fighting fund only standing at 16,000 YTL there is still some way to go.