Our weekly round up of local news.

Our weekly round up of local news.

What a Drag

Around 125,000YTL’s worth of bootleg cigarettes and cigars were seized in Fethiye and six people arrested following a lengthy surveillance operation. 

The report gave no clue as to the brands – so could you be smoking illegal substances?

Turks and Foreigners Mark Republic Day

Wednesday this week, 29th October, was Republic Day which this year marked the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. 

Ölüdeniz Belediye chose to mark the occasion with a torchlit procession around Hisarönü on Wednesday evening.

It was reported that as many foreigners took part as Turks, with the foreigners waving Turkish flags.  The Mayor commented that “They live here with us and are entitled to share in our public holidays” – bet he wishes they could vote! 

Meanwhile Istanbul marked the 85th anniversary with a grand firework display featuring a total of 48,000 fireworks.

Carry on Cruising

Discovery, a 170m cruise ship, actually tied up in the harbour at Fethiye this week, the largest vessel to ever do so. 

On board were 494 passengers and 307 crew and during their stay in Fethiye the passengers had a choice of a coach trip to Xanthos or a potter around the shops in town. 

We have no idea how many opted for either activity, but it is nice to see Fethiye on the cruise ship map alongside Bodrum (where Discovery had come from) and Antalya (her next port of call).

Evil Radio Waves

Ructions in Akarca Mahallesi this week when someone tried to erect a mobile phone mast on the roof of a building without planning permission.  Local residents called out the Police, Jandarma, Zabita et al stating they did not want ‘evil radio waves entering their brains’.  The mast erection was duly halted.

Right Place for an Injury

En route to Dalaman Airport on Friday 31st Fethiye Times was held up as a scooter driver was wheeled across the road on a stretcher. 

He’d come off his scooter right outside Dalaman State Hospital – talk about being in the right place!

The End of Another Season

Last week was officially, according to the www.fethiyetimes.com anyway, the end of the holiday season.

Bars, restaurants and other holiday places will, if they haven’t already, be closing up for the winter as the last of the holiday makers return to their homes.

This weekend saw the last of the holiday season charter flights out of Dalaman airport. The last easyJet flight of the season on Friday arrived at Dalaman with only 25 people on board but returned to the UK full.