Our weekly roundup of local news stories.

Our weekly roundup of local news stories.

Knock Out

Sadly we shan’t be announcing a British win in the Golden Dice Backgammon Tournament, as the sole British competitor was knocked out in the third round. 

Still he did make it to the last 64 out of 200 and will be trying again at the next tournament in May 2009.

Fortune tellers didn’t see this coming

This week Fethiye Zabita rounded up ten people against whom they’d received numerous complaints. 

Seems the gang were accosting passer-bys in parks and demanding to tell their fortune, by palm readings. 

The gang admitted they came from outside Fethiye but there was no report as to the accuracy, or otherwise, of their predictions.

One thing’s for sure, they didn’t see the Zabita coming!

Pelican Brief

The two pelicans now domiciled on the Kordon in Fethiye, about whom we’ve written previously, this week made the national news. 

Seems the boat selling fish and chips has seen a big rise in takings as people buy food for the birds. 

The boat’s owner is amazed that the birds have stayed for the past five months. 

He said “In the past they would visit for a few days then disappear but this year they’ve been here for five months and don’t show any signs of leaving.” 

Seems simple to us – if you feed them they’ll stay – or in other words ‘they know which side their fish is battered on’.

Scooter crashes and three people are injured

A car driven by a Turkish woman turned into a main road in Fethiye at 9pm one day this week and a scooter, which she clearly hadn’t seen, ran into her. 

A common enough occurrence you may think, but the local news agency ran this story with a headline saying “Scooter crashes and three people are injured”. 

Point being there were three young men all riding the same scooter, which is also a common sight here – in fact you could say ‘three’ is a low number. 

Fortunately no-one was seriously injured, the car driver was taken away to the police station and, hopefully, the young men have learned their lesson.

Tourist numbers up again

The tourist figures for Muğla for the ten months of 2008 were released this week and yet again they are up on last year. 

Up to the end of October 2.943 million foreigners entered Turkey in Muğla with British visitors accounting for 1.292 million. 

The local Ministry of Tourism people are now confidently expecting to hit 3 million before the year ends, the first time the figure has been so high.