Our weekly round up of local news snippets.

Our weekly round up of the local news.

Drunk Driving Kills!

After a couple of weeks without any major traffic accidents there was a particularly horrible one late one night this week on the main street in Fethiye. 

A car travelling very fast ran into the back of a pickup.  The impact caused the passenger in the front seat of the car to be thrown through the windscreen and he died. 

The two drivers suffered minor injuries and, you guessed, the car driver was found to be way over the limit for alcohol. 

So be careful if you drive after 9pm in and around Fethiye. The drivers may be even more suicidal than normal.

Sailing Regatta

If you noticed lots of sail boats out in the Bay this week they were probably taking part in the 6th International Autumn Regatta based in Göcek. 

This time 37 yachts with a total of 215 people on board took part in the four days of racing.

Cleaning Up

And the big news this week is that a feasibility study for second stage of the Fethiye Bay drainage works is about to begin. 

This will eventually bring main drainage to ơmköy, Kara洬ha and Ʃftlik Belediyes together with the villages of Kargı, Yanıklar, Esenköy and Şövalye Island. 

The feasibility study is being undertaken by a German bank who, if the outcome is successful, will then loan Fethiye Belediye 35 million euros to pay for necessary works at a rate of 4% interest repayable over 20 years. 

The Mayor of Fethiye, Behcet Saatcı, pointed out the four main problems still to be solved:
1. Pollution from fish farms,
2. Adequate water treatment facilities,
3. Discharge from yachts in harbour, and
4. The need to connect waste water systems in Ölüdeniz/Hisarönü to the main Fethiye system. 

Meanwhile the Mayor of Ölüdeniz, Keramettin Yılmaz declined inclusion in this second stage project. 

He said he would watch with interest but was planning to introduce a different system to Ölüdeniz/Hisarönü. 

The second stage work will start in 2009 and should be completed within 18 months.

Children in Need Fun Night Cashes In

The Children in Need Fun Night held last Friday evening took over 1,300 YTL for the Calis Carnival 2009.

Well done to the Carnival organisers and those that donated to the event. Keep up the good work.