Our round up of weekly news ‘shorts’ for the last week.

Our round up of weekly news ‘shorts’ for week ending 22nd November.


A rather large shark weighing in at 120kg and over 3 metres in length was on display in the Fish Market this week. 

Apparently it was caught about 6 miles out in the Gulf and was a great attraction on its slab in the Market.

Autumn Watch

FETAV’s bird watching day on 15th November was a great success with over 60 people, staff and students, from four universities in Ankara making the journey to Fethiye to take part alongside local enthusiasts. 

The head of Turkey’s ‘Bird Research Association (like RSPB) was also present and told the press that ‘wetlands all over Turkey are under threat from developers. Despite development in Fethiye he was pleased to confirm that many species of bird are still finding a place to roost, nest and live in the remaining marsh areas’.

No Room at the Inn

We are always being told that Fethiye wants to move to year round tourism but, given that stated aim, it would seem strange that 95% of local hotels are now closed until next season even with the 9-day Kurban Bayram holiday due to take place from 8th December. 

The head of Fethiye Hoteliers’ Association confirmed the figure in a press statement this week, saying the current economic crisis had forced the closures.

Phone Thief Caught Red Handed

A 25-year-old Turkish man was arrested in Antalya whilst trying to sell stolen mobile phones. 

He had three phones with him and one of them turned out to have been stolen from a British person resident in Fethiye. 

So if your phone was nicked recently you could be about to receive good news.

Fethiye D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Capital of Turkey

Another interesting fact about Fethiye emerged this week when the latest national divorce figures were announced. 

The province with the most divorces was Muğla and top of the league within the province was Fethiye. 

The most popular grounds for divorce were apparently arguments over having children and, the press statement concluded, it would seem that Fethiye’s population is thus doomed to fall. 

Clearly they hadn’t thought about all us foreign residents who will make up growing number of the population.