Our selection of local news for the last week.

Our selection of local news for the last week.

Named and Shamed over Debts

The provincial electricity supplier, EDAŞ, desperate to collect on unpaid bills, held a press conference this week at which it gave out details from its debtors’ list. 

Top of the list, owing 500YTL, was a branch of the Jandarma. 

Almost every form of public sector institution was also to be found on the list. 

Some hotels and holiday villages in Fethiye, Bodrum, Dat柠and Marmaris turned out to have unpaid bills and, if they aren’t cleared soon, the supply is going to be cut off. 

So it could be that the lights will be going off all over Fethiye this Byram unless they pay up soon.

Winter Scorcher

According to one national news agency temperatures in Fethiye hit 23 degrees centigrade (73F) by the end of last week and people were on the beaches sunbathing and even swimming in the sea.

They did not include photographs with the report but we did spot some brave souls swimming off Calis Beach on Friday afternoon. It was a wonderfully sunny, clear day but the people in the water did let out loud shrieks indicating it may be a bit chilly!

But the warm weather was certainly welcome after the previous week of rain and storms.

The Fabled Ski Resort Needs a Lift and More

The Governor of Muğla was in Fethiye this week for a meeting to discuss progress on the long-awaited Fethiye-Seki Erendağ Winter Sports Centre.

There hasn’t been much progress and the meeting would seem to have achieved little apart from setting a date for the next gathering.

However, for regular readers whom we know are keen on ‘odd’ Turkish surnames, the Governor is a prize.

His name is Ahmet Altıparmak and his surname translates as ‘Sixfingers’.

Teachers Day

Monday 24th November was Teachers’ Day in Turkey which Fethiye marked with a ceremony at the Cultural Centre honouring the town’s teachers. 

The 12 new teachers who have started work in Fethiye this academic year pledged allegiance to their profession. 

However, concerns have been raised yet again that teachers salaries in Turkey are woefully inadequate and amongst the lowest of all the countries in the Organization for European Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The teachers union points out that a primary school head teacher in Spain earns USD 48,000 but in Turkey they only receive USD 16,000 around YTL 25,000 per year or YTL 2,000 per month.

A new primary school teacher in Turkey receives USD 12,700 around YTL 20,000 or £1,666 per month. In Spain that figure is USD 33,000 almost three times as much.

They also say that as a result of these low salaries many teachers are forced to take on a second job, private tuition or bank / credit card loans to make ends meet.

But if you talk to parents in Fethiye they believe the teachers are doing quite well especially when they charge over 50 YTL per hour for private tuition.