Our weekly round up of the local news.

Our weekly round up of the local news.

You never know when a mobile could save your life

Regular readers may recall a paragliding accident some time ago when the injured man was able to guide rescuers to his location using his mobile phone.

At the time we said be sure to put your mobile in your pocket if you paraglide.

Well now an olive picker, 48-year-old Emin Kaya, was picking olives alone on the mountain above Taşyaka when he fell out of a tree and badly injured himself.

Fortunately he had his mobile with him and was able to guide the paramedics.

He was taken to the Devlet Hospital where it was discovered he had broken several bones.

You never know when a mobile could save your life.

Will Mugla be a record breaker?

A few weeks ago we reported the numbers of tourists entering Muğla this year was heading towards the record number of 3 million.

The Regional Tourism Directorate now says the number at the end of November was 2,978,259.

So they need another 21,441 by the end of December to make the three million.

Will it happen?  Watch this space.

Drive a hard bargain as car prices crash

Nationally car sales in Turkey are plummeting – down 57% from a year ago.

We don’t usually include national news in this article but this may help some of our readers thinking of buying cars.

In November the annual drop in sales hit 57% after dropping for five months in a row.

Sales of the popular ‘Doblo’ type vehicles of all makes are down 62%.

So bear this in mind if you are buying a vehicle – you should get a good deal.

Early Risers

Here’s another national snippet which shows exactly how big this country is.

The press published the times for the early morning prayers on Monday, 8 December the official first day of the Bayram.

Spot the time differences:

Istanbul 08.02,
Ankara 07.43 and
Hakkari (way down in the south east) 06.51.

Holiday sacrifice for agriculture employees

One wing of local bureaucracy will be working hard over the Bayram – the Ministry of Agriculture who are responsible for checking hygiene of animals sold for sacrifice. 

One official was quoted “We need to ensure that animals are transported in clean, disinfected trucks.” 

We wish him luck.

Battle of the bars begins

We spied an advert in one of the local ‘free’ English advert papers this week that will no doubt cause a stir amongst the ex-pat population and also rival bars.

The first sentence of the advert says:

“Happy Hour everyday 4 – 5pm, Beer is FREE”

This is either the best advertising campaign ever or, and we hope it isn’t, a typo.

Of course www.fethiyetimes.com will investigate and report back………..hic