Christmas week news snippets.

Christmas week news snippets.

Grave Time

A ‘House to Let’ (Kiralık Ev) sign has been hung on the fence of Ovacık Cemetery by one of the neighbours. 

The man who put it there, too embarrassed to be named in the press, said he did so because it was a good place to catch people’s attention.
Now he is fed up of being asked which grave he is renting out.

Bar Street Security Plans

At a meeting held in Marmaris this week the Governor of Muğla Province announced he intends to introduce a new code of practice for the Bar Streets to be found in Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. 

He wants improved security in these areas where tourists go to drink and dance the night away and he wants to establish common standards across all resorts. 

We wish him luck.

‘Big Splash’

And the Boxing Day ‘Big Splash’ in ơlış featured yesterday on Fethiye Times made the Turkish national news.

It was reported that foreign residents ‘took to the sea to celebrate Christmas’.

Let’s hope they don’t think it’s a traditional element of the festivities!

Christmas Weather Crisp and Even

Turkey has been in the grip of a winter freeze this week with significant snow falling all over the country.

Fethiye didn’t escape the cold weather that moved down from the north and frost was seen on car windscreens on Boxing day morning.

However, the days have been relatively warm, clear and sunny much to the delight of our Christmas visitors.