There’s definitely an ‘only in Turkey’ flavour to this week’s news snippets.

There’s definitely an ‘only in Turkey’ flavour to this week’s first item. 

More than he Bargained for!

A Fethiye man called Ahmet Kaya advertised his car for sale on the internet with an asking price of 12,000TL. 

A buyer came all the way from Muğla to look at the car and Ahmet took him for a test drive in it.

As they drove they started to bargain over the price. 

The buyer offered a mere 4,500TL and wouldn’t budge. 

Ahmet came down to 9,000TL but then became so incensed when the prospective buyer wouldn’t raise his offer that he said “I’d rather throw the car in the sea than sell it to you at that price.”  And proceeded to try and do just that. 

They were in Koca ơlış at the time so Ahmet found a place where a rocky slope led down to the sea, they both got out of the car with the engine still running and Ahmet left it in gear, wedged a rock on the accelerator pedal – and over it went. 

The headlights were on full beam and the radio was playing. 

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in the longer term) the car rolled down the slope a bit then came to a stop in the middle of large boulders. 

So what does Ahmet do? 

He phones the Jandarma anonymously and reports that there is a car stuck halfway down the slope thinking maybe they’ll come with a winch and pull it out for free. 

Meanwhile Ahmet is secretly watching the rescue process and, when he sees the Jandarma pull a card with his name and number from the car, he steps up and tells them the full story. 

Let’s hope they billed him for the winch!

High Wind Havoc

The other big local news story this week was the high winds on Friday which tore through the area.

The wind took the roofs off three schools, caused damage to residential property and blew down greenhouses and plastic tunnels. 

Later that afternoon a dust cloud engulfed the area turning the day light an eerie orange.

The rest of the weekend was very wet and gusty at times.

Long Service

And if you live in Kesikkapı Mahalle, did you know your Muhtar, Hasan Şaröz, is the longest serving Muhtar in Turkey? 

Hasan Bey was first elected Muhtar on 7th June 1946 when he was a mere 26-year-old. 

He has served for 63 years without a break and will be standing for election again on 29th March this year. 

Hasan says “With luck I’ll still be Muhtar when I’m 90.”