Our weekly round up of news snippets this week includes snow, fire, rescue, a birthday and the elections.

Our weekly round up of news snippets tgis week includes snow, fire, rescue, a birthday and the elections.

Election fever

Regular readers will recall an item a few weeks ago in which one political party called upon the others to voluntarily refrain from broadcasting loud music during the election campaign.

Events have now moved on.

Fethiye Kaymakam, Ali Karatekeli, attended a meeting of all political parties this week during which consensus was reached that they wouldn’t travel about in ‘convoys’ whilst campaigning.

No specific mention of music was made, perhaps that’s a done deal and now they moved on to vehicle noise.

Certainly this writer has yet to hear music being broadcast from candidates’ vehicles in the run up to the 29th March election.

Tragic Death

This week’s very sad story concerns one Fatma Şahin who lived on her own in Yakabağ village, near Pınara, and was an amazing 99 years old.

During the week, on a particularly cold night, Fatma lit a fire in her fireplace, wrapped herself in a quilt and snuggled close to the fire to keep warm.

The quilt caught fire and she burned to death.

International Rescue

The head of the national Search and Rescue Organisation (AKUT) was in Fethiye last week to talk to an audience of students about the work of his organisation, and mark the establishment of a Fethiye branch.

Nasuh Mahruki explained the organisation was first set up 14 years ago, is mostly run on volunteer help, and to date has taken part in 519 search and rescue operations and saved 745 lives.

The operations involve mountain rescue, floods, earthquakes and forest fires, with the majority of the work being in the mountains.

AKUT has 18 permanent teams nationally and Fethiye’s team will soon be up and running – and no doubt kept busy with falling paragliders and lost walkers on the Lykian Way.

Snow Story

And one of our favourite topics – the white elephant that is the Seki Ski Resort – hit the local news again this week.

Turkey’s national Ski Federation is holding a camp and ski races up at Eren Dağ from 1 – 6 March (we do wonder how they will get to the top of ski runs without any ski lifts though).

They expect a turnout of 150 people comprising organisers and skiers.

We say don’t hold your breath as the weather does seem to be brightening so snow could melt.

They also added that lack of funds was the reason we have now waited ten years for the resort to be completed and officially opened.

We say sensible investors are staying away from the project.

The Birthday of Our Name Sake

Friday 27th February was the anniversary of the death of Fethi Bey after whom our town is named.

He was born and grew up here in what was called, in those days, Meğri, and died when his plane crashed in Damascus 0n 27th February 1914.

The name of the town quickly changed to Fethiye and he is now immortalized locally by the statue with wings on the Kordon.

On Friday wreaths were laid and a ceremony took place – it’s an annual event so note the date for next year.


The 1st day of March was a fantastic sunny and warm day.

The blue sky provide a fantastic contrast for the backdrop of the snow capped mountains.

Fingers crossed this will be the last of the wet and cloudy weather that has been with us throughout most of January and February.

Sunday reminded us of just why this is such a wonderful and unique place to live!