This week, as election fever builds, we hear about plans to build a jetty on Oludeniz Beach, a new traffic system for Fethiye, parks and conservation. Oh, and the weather again!

This week, as election fever builds, we hear about plans to build a jetty on Oludeniz Beach, a new traffic system for Fethiye, parks and conservation.

A Bridge Too Far

Have you ever tried to board a boat from Ölüdeniz Beach?

Did you get soaked in the process or worse still injured?

Well not for much longer.  The Governor of Muğla, we love his name (Mr Sixfingers), announced this week that a proper jetty is to be built on Ölüdeniz Beach which will facilitate day boat trips.

Furthermore, he said it would be ready for this year’s tourist season.

As there are now less than two months till the season officially starts, we doubt it will be ready in time.

Or is this an election promise now that the race is hotting up – at the last count there were no less than six candidates standing for the Mayor’s seat in Ölüdeniz.

And interestingly the Governor did not refer by name to any Mayor in the press conference where he announced the 400,000TL investment in the new jetty.

Ölüdeniz residents should keep their eyes open for the first candidate who appears on a poster with a computer-generated jetty – that one has the Governor’s backing.

Road to Nowhere

And if Ölüdeniz is getting a new jetty what’s Fethiye getting?

A brand new traffic system.  We kid you not.

A private company based in Istanbul was apparently given the 99,000TL contract in mid-January to sort out Fethiye’s traffic problems.

We could have done it for less!

The company, ISBAK, is due to unveil its solution by the end of March so expect chaos shortly thereafter as all traffic lights, one-way streets, etc., will surely change. 

But we wonder will there be provision for cycling and walking in their plans that are currently such dangerous activities because of the dominance of the car and bus?

We’ll have to wait and see and look forward to April.

Park Life

Fethiye’s current Mayor, Beh椴 Saatcı, who has held the post for the past ten years, once promised ‘a park in every district’.

Well, we really feel things are starting to get out of hand, as this week the Mayor himself cut the ribbon to open the latest park which is, wait for this one, the 76th park to be created. (There are nowhere near 76 districts).

As you may have noticed, if you read the signs in the parks, many of them are named after people and, we presume, they are paid for by relatives in memory of a prominent family member.

The latest park is called ‘Dr Erdoğan Bilginer Park’ and can be found in Tuzla district somewhere on 625 street.

So we’re on the case.  We shall find out what it costs to have a park named after you, and let you all know then maybe some philanthropic member of the resident British community will pay for a park.

We look forward to the Mayor cutting the ribbon on the ‘Joe Bloggs Park’ complete with signs saying ‘No bicycles’ and ‘Please keep off the grass’.


Meanwhile the Minister for Culture and Tourism, Ertuğrul Günay, was in Marmaris this week on the campaign trail.

He announced that tourism figures for the first two months of 2008 are 2-3% down on last year but “we shall make this up in the coming season”.

He also said, several times, that the richness of this region in terms of natural and historical beauty has to be conserved.

We could have told him that years ago but when is he going to spearhead the anti-litter education?

Strong Winds and a Heat Wave

On Thursday evening and through Saturday morning strong, gusting winds ravaged many areas causing tiles, solar panels, dishes and rubbish to fly.

The strong winds also knocked out power supplies to many areas including Ovacik and Hisaronu.

On the upside the winds, which had come from North Africa, brought with them unseasonal warm temperatures of around 23 to 25 degrees centigrade.

They say that spring ‘comes in like a lion and out like a lamb’. Let’s hope so.